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Goodbye Cruel World, This is The End. Hooray!

Goodbye cruel world. I say my farewell to a world, that I’d built in my mind, A Messier Universe, of Crappy Days.

I have been solely working on a long term comedy project for the last three months. Determined to get it finished, it was necessary to be cruel to myself by imposing various new methods to achieve my goal. Due to several aborted attempts from a mammoth task, I’ve been  at holed away writing in near complete isolation, with no television, self imposed internet bans, and just an array of music to get me through. One day back in July, I sat down, with the intention of writing it from scratch off the top of my head, without my usual meticulous pre-planning that had derailed previous efforts.

I’ve enjoyed every minute, even though it was punishing at times throughout, with bouts of Insomnia from caffeine fuelled writing benders, great writing days, many bad ones hampered by writers block and the subsequent lows, the emotional yo-yo of feeling like a comedy genius one moment, to self doubting myself to the point of settling on the fact I’m deluded talentless fuckwit, Though the jury may still be out on that, but It is finally beginning to seem worth it. Throw in the dark days of deep depression, and borderline insanity, my gruelling new regime has finally got me to the precipice of my own personal Everest.

I finally finished my ‘epic’ Comedy Screenplay first draft. Hooray!

Forgive my exuberance, as technically it’s not finished. After three months of refusing to read it through, so not to tinker, I was able to finally read it back. On reading it all however,  it ‘did’ fail to live up to my expectations. It’s not the massive pile of shit I though it would be.

After weeks of wondering, worry and critically self- doubting, I was braced for a severe disappointment, that would lead to my computer launched out of the window, and a meltdown.

As an intensely private individual, nobody except family and a couple of friends were aware of what I was working on with this project, and what it was about exactly. I have taken to WordPress to start a low key lacklustre gradual unveiling of what Messier Man – Crappy Days (which is still a working title) actually is about.

I had many ideas while writing, for other things, such as blogs for this ‘Stuology: The Blog’s Bollocks’ and short stories. At times I had to quell the urge to start them, which would have meant delaying work on my screenplay,

I’ll be posting blogs on Messier Man and other projects quite soon, as I will also be hoping for a little advice and feedback if possible, as so far I have worked entirely alone.  After several failed attempts over the past couple of years, side-lining the project in favour of stand up comedy, gag writing, other mini projects, and procrastinating the hell out of it, it’s a relief to get to the end, which is a major milestone.”

Thank you for taking the time to read, apologies for such a boring, humourless, post.I’ll leave you with a tip that helped me to get my epic, finally complete. “Don’t get it right, get it written.”

MILD WARNING: These two images are rushed together (so shit) visualisations, for my own benefit more than anything. Creating a little artwork,  that I happened to knock up in breaks from writing was a small reward for productive writing sessions. So apologies in advance.


These two images are rushed together (so shit) visualisations.