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Stuology: The Blog’s Bollocks Is Back for a Brief Bollocking.

Stuology: The Blogs Bollocks is back, and this time I’m back for a good ol’ bollocking.

Who’s providing the bollocking? Well me of course.

Who am I bollocking and Why ? Myself, as I deserve it.

Have I lost the plot? Possibly.

Why Are You Asking Questions To Yourself? Fuck knows as I’m an Idiot, maybe its because I’m a loner and my own best friend.

Can You Stop This Shit and Just Get on with It? Yes.


….Though I never really went away. I’ve been very busy writing, so subsequently  I had not been able to focus my attentions to blogging for quite a while, but after I had re-evaluated my priorities and undertaken a different method to writing I’m hoping to rectify this and have LOTS of blogs and updates in the near future. I have been writing a lot, and am      hoping to possibly write myself into a writing career in Comedy or even just dead end job as a  writer; as long as It’s writing I’ll be OK with that.

There are mitigating circumstances why I have not written for this blog, and plan to blog about some of these issues, and these are briefly:-

#1- Physical Health

I suffered a heart attack last year, due to Anxiety/Depression which subsequently added to my depression!  At 36 Years Old, with reasonable fitness until last couple of years. I wouldn’t mind but I’m not even fat or overweight (I make this point as in an online MUFC forum, without seeing what I looked like, someone made an amusing remark to me, they  said “I bet your a fat fuck!” haha) .  I’m worried that I can drop dead any minute. So, if I did, I’d rather leave some of my musings for loved ones to read aft my passing rather than a blog not touched in a while.

#2- Mental Health

Like I said above, the depression got worse, but over time I’ve rekindled my love in writing.

#3- Writing Comedy

I write jokes whenever I can, and have recently  been penning a Comedy Screenplay. The following blog will be describing this.

#4- Limited Internet Access

I used to get behind with the bills, so my internet has been cut off a number of times. The uncertainty of regular access means you don’t commit to blogs or social forums as much, as the knowledge that you will soon be cut off AGAIN has even more of a effect on my depression.

#5-  Life and Shit

Life  gets in the way doesn’t it, even when you are ostracised from society like me. When I do write too, I find myself wanting to post blogs on an epic scale that I have worked on for days. I still want to do that, but with little blogs about anything too.


and What’s in it for myself, as the  writer,  but more importantly What’s in it for any (possible) reader?

The answer is Everything. I get to write a lot more, and the reader can be humoured, learn something about The Universe or just baffle at some of my Philosophies.

and this blog ‘finally ‘ gets some pieces on various topics other than comedy. Writing comedy at times can be hard, so I have found myself recently just  writing ‘something’ to keep the flow of the tap running. like to write about life when I don’t feel lik me I have a funny in my body that day (even though anatomically I have two)

I’ve had plans to write blogs about the biggest questions in life (Such as; The Meaning of Life, Are We Alone and Does God exist) as well as my Stu Taylor’s Guide to the Galaxy style blogs about The Universe, Astronomy, UFO’s and Aliens etc…)

I started this Stuology The Blog’s Bollocks during a very difficult stage in my life (that I blogged about, but I can’t read back to myself) and writing became harder afterwards . The problem I initially had was, without many followers on Word Press I just got annoyed as I wanted my work to be seen, as feedback is vital when you live alone. Though now, the lack of followers doesn’t bother me (in fact, it will help as I want to write a lot about my personal life) but my priorities have since changed. Writing my comedy screenplay has been tough and arduous but over July 2013 going into August, my work has seen my work-rate increased, and writers get told to ‘keep’ writing no matter what, so this IS the perfect platform to keep writing, as even if I just write some shitty piece that is a blog like THIS! Or one about my day, killing house flies wondering where all the fucking house spiders fucked off to, its not like many people will see it… is it? No, Stu. So the Official Stuology Blog is back on the scene blogging, because of lots of good reasons but mainly….


(Written in haste without a poof read! The next blog will not be as shoddy, as it is about my Upcoming Comedy Project that I’ve been writing)