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Goodbye Cruel World, This is The End. Hooray!

Goodbye cruel world. I say my farewell to a world, that I’d built in my mind, A Messier Universe, of Crappy Days.

I have been solely working on a long term comedy project for the last three months. Determined to get it finished, it was necessary to be cruel to myself by imposing various new methods to achieve my goal. Due to several aborted attempts from a mammoth task, I’ve been  at holed away writing in near complete isolation, with no television, self imposed internet bans, and just an array of music to get me through. One day back in July, I sat down, with the intention of writing it from scratch off the top of my head, without my usual meticulous pre-planning that had derailed previous efforts.

I’ve enjoyed every minute, even though it was punishing at times throughout, with bouts of Insomnia from caffeine fuelled writing benders, great writing days, many bad ones hampered by writers block and the subsequent lows, the emotional yo-yo of feeling like a comedy genius one moment, to self doubting myself to the point of settling on the fact I’m deluded talentless fuckwit, Though the jury may still be out on that, but It is finally beginning to seem worth it. Throw in the dark days of deep depression, and borderline insanity, my gruelling new regime has finally got me to the precipice of my own personal Everest.

I finally finished my ‘epic’ Comedy Screenplay first draft. Hooray!

Forgive my exuberance, as technically it’s not finished. After three months of refusing to read it through, so not to tinker, I was able to finally read it back. On reading it all however,  it ‘did’ fail to live up to my expectations. It’s not the massive pile of shit I though it would be.

After weeks of wondering, worry and critically self- doubting, I was braced for a severe disappointment, that would lead to my computer launched out of the window, and a meltdown.

As an intensely private individual, nobody except family and a couple of friends were aware of what I was working on with this project, and what it was about exactly. I have taken to WordPress to start a low key lacklustre gradual unveiling of what Messier Man – Crappy Days (which is still a working title) actually is about.

I had many ideas while writing, for other things, such as blogs for this ‘Stuology: The Blog’s Bollocks’ and short stories. At times I had to quell the urge to start them, which would have meant delaying work on my screenplay,

I’ll be posting blogs on Messier Man and other projects quite soon, as I will also be hoping for a little advice and feedback if possible, as so far I have worked entirely alone.  After several failed attempts over the past couple of years, side-lining the project in favour of stand up comedy, gag writing, other mini projects, and procrastinating the hell out of it, it’s a relief to get to the end, which is a major milestone.”

Thank you for taking the time to read, apologies for such a boring, humourless, post.I’ll leave you with a tip that helped me to get my epic, finally complete. “Don’t get it right, get it written.”

MILD WARNING: These two images are rushed together (so shit) visualisations, for my own benefit more than anything. Creating a little artwork,  that I happened to knock up in breaks from writing was a small reward for productive writing sessions. So apologies in advance.


These two images are rushed together (so shit) visualisations.


STUOLOGY presents…Stu Taylor LIVE from his council house.

A rare archive video filmed in August 2010 of Stu Taylor UK stand-up comedian rehearsing one (one of seven) 10minute sets at home to decide which set to use for a gig. It was the 1st take and was filmed in my council house at 7am after a 48hr writing bender amid severe mental health issues due to personal circumstances. All jokes are copywrite of Stu Taylor (thanks to Milton Jones for advice on that) though some of the gags I use in this vid don’t get used anymore as I have a few thousand that are untried on audiences. This was the beginning of filming sets and gigs but my camera phone broke and I’ve been unable to film a more up to date set. Hope you enjoy it, all the actions (dicking about) between gags was spontaneous, and unused so far on the general public.
I will be posting actual videos from gigs soon.

The Astronomer and the Lost Scriptures of Stuology. (Part One)


Good Evening,  I am The Astronomer…

For the last eighteen months, I have been travelling over  876 Million miles through Space, hurtling at a velocity of 67 108 Mph on a quest to finally bring back ‘The Lost Scriptures of Stuology’. A  journey that has spanned a vast distance in an elliptical orbit around a single main sequence star, that is the heart of our Solar System.  I however, am fortunate safe in the knowledge that I did not even have to leave the comfort of my own Observation Post at STU H.Q, here on The Planet Earth to achieve such an amazing feat.

I have witnessed during my travels the beauty of  The Andromeda Galaxy, our closest Galactic neighbour that lies Approximately 2.5 Billion Light Years away, and The M81 Galaxy in Ursa Major (a.k.a. Big Dipper, or The Plough). I have also had the pleasure of being mesmerised by such galactic phenomenon such as The Crab Nebula in The Constellation of Taurus, The Ring Nebula in Lyra, in the constellation that is home to bright white star Vega that is 25.3 light years away, and now known to have exo-planets in its gravitational orbit. The greatest sight to behold any Astronomer, is surely the astounding elegance of the Planet Saturn with its glorious majestic rings system, it never fails to blow me away.

However, whilst seeing with my own eyes the light from distant  galaxies, with their photons traversing  millions if not billions of light years to finally settle in the retina of ‘my’ eyes is an astounding  realisation  not to mention, the most beautiful sights our very own Milky Way Spiral Galaxy has to offer. Mankind has developed to successfully be able to comprehend aswell as becoming, one of the vast array of components that makes up the very fabric of the Universe. The evolution of the Human Race, combined with the amount of knowledge we know about the Science and its Laws of Physics  that govern our entire reality, should make each and every man and woman that has ever walked the Earth,  extremely privileged to have been given the gift of life.  The intelligence formed through around 200000 years of evolution,  makes us the only life form we know so far, that can understand the world, yet ponder and comprehend  the basics of The Cosmos that we are part of, and makes me realise how wonderful it is to be alive at this time in History.

However, gazing with fascination at some of the furthest reaches of  the observable  Universe, staring  deep into the distant past, across many millions of Light Years, Dark Days have  managed to take a hold of me,  and will not relinquish its menacing tight grip. Immersed in its gloom that envelops me, its grasps me like a constant invisible cloud of deep, deep darkness… That is until the Astronomer’s long awaited return, to rightfully reclaim The Lost  Scriptures of Stuology, and banish his dark nemesis once and for all…Hopefully.

To Be Continued….

The Astronomer and The Lost Scriptures of Stuology. (Part Two) to follow and explain all…

Watch This Space..and more importantly the one that hangs above our heads in night sky.

In Memory of Sir Patrick Moore R.I.P

A Rough Guide to Stuology: Comedy, Cosmology and Cracking Up.

Stuology is finally here, so sit down have a cup of tea, glass of Um Bongo, or last night’s dregs from a can of warm stale lager, anything and I’ll explain what the hell is going on! I’m breaking my radio silence by going out ‘Live’ here on the super-web, at mission control in the nerve centre here at STU H.Q. I’ve been busy pulling knobs, twisting levers, and bashing shiny buttons going bananas at the ‘Stuology Bonkers Brainfart Ideas Machine’, while the story of the creation of Stuology and what it’s evolving into still continues. Join me on my fantastic but perilous journey as an ‘Intergalactic Outlaw’ and local maverick in my calamitous life of one-liners, writing benders, stand-up comedy, Ufology and the frequent crisis or two. All this is hindered by just one obstacle that lies in my way, and a problem that is still is frowned upon like the bridge of my nose, even today.Welcome to Stuology: The Blog.


I’m Stu from England, I’m a humble one-liner joke writer,stand up comedian,  a Cosmological philosopher,  UFOologist and a more elusive figure nowadays, with only demons for company battling with depression, though…I don’t let it get me ‘down’, I leave that to the duck-pluckers. I try laugh in the face of adversity, using the one thing that has always  helped me get me get through life and flush away all the shit bits,.. humour….toilet humour. The last twelve months has seemed to have thrown my life a curve ball and give it in a whole new perspective. I started writing my own jokes and ideas for my Facebook page and to send to Viz last year one random morning, and a year on, now have approx 4000+ jokes that I’ve penned. Friends noticed that they were actually funny, and I was urged to try my hand at Stand-Up, a venture I’d never even contemplated EVER doing. The first gig was so nerve-racking I didn’t sleep the night before, and was so full of fear I almost bottled it (but sweat wasn’t a good fragrance) thinking it would inevitably go tits up.

“My first night as a bingo caller was a disaster.. I didn’t have the balls to do it”

That day when I contacted the promoter to, to ask what time to arrive . I found out I wasn’t booked in, as I had only asked my friend a barman at the venue to sort the booking out for me, and I had forgot he had told me late on a Friday night, I had to ring to book it! I had to beg and plead until I was given a slot, as I was so eager to get out there. Luckily he caved in (without the need for one of my famous headlock holds!) and I had a couple of hours to prepare before a brisk power-walk into town.I arrived at the venue in my scruffy jeans and T-Shirt still trying to memorise the order of each joke. I got stared at straight away, and the knives were out straight away from a couple of sharp looking comics backstage in suits, as I had cut it fine arriving late. Equipped only with just a Tesco carrier bag full with scraps of paper with scribbled out set-lists, and many jokes,  I fretted over which ones to use, oblivious that I looked more like I’d escaped my ward at the local psychiatric hospital, than a comic. I was a fish out of water, as I squirmed in an anxious frenzy waiting agonisingly for my imminent death that lay ahead on the stage.

I was up against several seasoned comics peppered from all around England, and the competition was fierce. I concentrated on just getting through the ordeal unscathed , as I didn’t have a chance to win the competition. I took to the stage nervously but my opening one-linera must have been about an empty bucket as it went down well. My nerves eased as the adrenaline  was soon pumping as people were laughing, they were actually laughing at jokesthat I’d written’ which was such a buzz in my first ever gig. I fired one after another of my bullet one-liners shooting from the hip getting  plenty of big laughs. After all eight acts the audience had a clap-off to decide the winner and I couldn’t believe it when realising I had only gone and won the bloody thing! My first ever gig  too, I was  almost embarrassed as I collected my trophy (above) and £30 prize money (not above) and headed into the town centre too piss the lot up the wall with my good friend Ben. Since that first gig last summer, I have performed a few gigs and received great praise in  my one liners,  and admiration from well respected comics.

I haven’t been able to gig as much I would have liked in the last year, through being a single father and bouts of depression, but all that’s about to change…very soon.


Stuology is my Philosophy, and begins with Stu, which is lucky… as by coincidence it is my first name is too. Stuology isn’t a group or religion, which if you read the previous blog then you would know that I’m aethiest for Christ sake. I’m the only ‘member’ (that could mean penis, if you want it to), as  Head of Stuology, Writer, Astro-Physics boffin, Astronomy egghead, Cleaner, and Tea Lady. I’m also in charge of the busy sub division maintaining supplies of the biscuits, the Monster Munch and Fab Ice Lollies. The Stuology idea manifested as I was  naturally let things take shape, and  it seemed to work in improving lots of aspects of my life in the last year. I didn’t want rush into things in stand-up, instead taking a little time to work things out so I wouldn’t be out of my depth or uncomfortable and I apply it to most aspects (e.g I’m writing a book, which is a novel idea) still. I let my new direction in of writing, comedy and studies patiently evolve so I am clearly sure what I want to do exactly, and so far it seems to be working.

As a normally impatient person, this was strange for me when I look back on it, as it was done with ease . What must have been an epiphany or revelation back in November, sparked a new found confidence and understanding, that clarified so much in a life thanks to a tentative approach to it all. Reflection on some jokes, or gigs over weeks and months helped though it created a small problem too. A huge backlogue of A4 writing pads, full of jokes and ideas aswell as files from my laptop remain still to be edited and committed to my personal hand written joke book volumes, an idea inspired from the late Bob Monkhouse.

Improvement in quality came by this method, without getting get swayed by positive opinion or overconfidence. I learnt that lesson straight away when I didn’t win again, performing  in my second gig after winning in my first. I felt so crushed even though it was a close call and got very high praise indeed from fellow comics. One comic even likened me to Mitch Hedburg, but that wasn’t enough to stop how dejected I was feeling. In my eyes, not winning was a failure at the time, without realising I’d learned a valuable lesson from that experience and one day I’d be thankful for.


I have lived as a single dad with two girls for the past two years. Living in Cheshire,  home of millionaire footballers and is the richest county in the England, where  I choose to live on working class estate (though its  financial constrictions,and not some deep-seated loyalty) , after taking custody of my daughters. I don’t succumb to the pitfalls and trappings of life on a shit hole estate, (though I did complain to the council), I keep myself to myself and don’t associate with the assorted pond life. Though they are abundant where I live, I have had my fair share of dealings with toothless, scruffy louts, That’s only when I’ve slipped into my old habits (those herbs are at a knock-down price sometimes). Most of these ‘chavs’  that just loiter outside local stores in gangs pestering for ‘a spare cig’, and boneheads that live nearby, don’t come near my house with me being a local maverick and a voice of the people. I always have  a few choice words (along with a  menacing glare) to say to the scum bags, in my role of a local loose cannon and housewives favourite. They swear so much I once asked one if they all had tourettes, and their response proved they did. Another one edged right up in my face shouting and hurling abuse trying to point out to his audience of onlooking friends, that I’m no hard man and he was much harder than me. I wasn’t, but found it surprising he found me attractive as I though he had a boyfriend judging by the stench of semen and cock on his breath.

When I’m not locked in social wrangles the local youths, the spare time I have from my usual activities and avoiding housework, I play video games on my Xbox 360 as I have 200+ games (yo ho ho and a bottle of rum versions) and enjoy sports (as long as it is football) and music. I rarely watch television these days, as hours of mind numbing reality TV just to fill up the day, is about as useful as those disabled parking spaces at the Gym.

Although I shun going out too an extent, when I do, it is with my greatest ally and friend from a very talented band (‘shameless plug alert’, I know I really should refuse) ‘The Ambersons’ and a night out turns into a mindmelting long weekend. I am indebted to his words wisdom, as he is totally focused on the development of the ‘big picture’ to his album without letting negatives become a problem. Writing is also in part inspired by my songwriting pal Ben and his way of working and experience. He is also the only one that knows Stuology mentally through his Benistics dept.of our dual brain-trust outfit The Borg, two minds working as one entity.


It may seems a preposterously strange cocktail to be writing and performing comedy with the health issues I suffer, as depression is no laughing matter (as well my jokes, some might add). The fact is it’s been constant for so long now, I learn to live with it and get on with things otherwise I’d crack up. Writing has been a welcome remedy for it too, and now I embrace and almost thrive on the cataclysmic chaos hat sometims goes on in my head. I enjoy performing, but anxiety/depression caused by domestic problems in life has not exactly helped in my fear of getting on stage, far removed from my comfort zone

I’m often spinning plates at HQ as I have so much I need to work on, and still study (not photograph analysing) further. It has been a cliché’ rollercoaster of a ride, as I have slowly been falling  to bits after a few breakdowns and go off the rails now and again. I’ve been taken for a ride so many times now that I don’t let anyone on these days, mainly due to lack of reliability leading to inevitable disappointment.


In the Cosmology section I’ll be taking it serious, as I’m banging on about aliens, UFO’s, Time Travel, Quantum physics,Reality, Parallel Dimensions etc. I am however an intellectual, and not squeezing out whimsical posts on such matters first without gaining the knowledge to write on such matters. I’m not sat waiting in my tinfoil hat waiting for ‘The mothership to collect me’ after contact with my makeshift satellite fashioned from a wok, and Game boy Advance taped to an Alba wireless radio either.

It’s mind-boggling getting down to some of life’s big questions. I will be publishing my findings through my study of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Philosophy so I can back it up with facts and figures, and it won’t be too scientific. I’ll be posing big questions like…

Are We Alone in the universe?  …Yes, well I am I’m agoraphobic.

Is The Universe infinite, If so what if you could fly through hyperspace, would it  go on and on forever (And I don’t mean ‘going on’ as nagging ex-wives do)?

ALIENS. If most people saw a little green man… Why it would make them cross?

UFO’s are they pie in the sky? …or is it the tin trays from the pie they’ve thrown to make a crappy hoax YouTube video.


This blog was devised months ago, but I have been busy with a couple of big jobs in the pipeline though not as big as three ‘jobbies’ of bumbusting shits the size nuclear submarines  that  lie shipwrecked on and around my toilet U-bend. I’ve been holed up at The Nerve Centre at  Stu HQ  making plans, so I’ll throw down some of these musings and hopefully it will metamorphosise into something that is kind of organised, worth reading and provide a little humour. Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m new round here and a virgin when it comes to blogging. I have never even penned a diary properly, unless I count the Xmas stocking filler 1989 diary when I was 12yrs old that I backed in awful 1980’s wallpaper. I’d only write football team formation and line-ups,  shoddy designs for spacecraft that I would write a piss poor story round to accomodate i tand  not to mention the complimentary artwork thrown in for a cheap laugh by every male, the good old gratuitous (often spunking) cock and balls.

WARNING: This Blog may contain some language and scenes of a sexual nature viewers may find offensive, as well as bad jokes (I am making most up as I go along) adult humour and with the odd misspelt word if I don’t poof read properly that will have the Grammar Nazi’s seething!

Hope you enjoyed Stuology: The Blog Bollocks first blog….here’s a quick reminder of what’s going right here…

Comedy (One-liners, Humorous Insight, Top Tips and general brainfart ramblings)

Modern Life (News, Football, TV, Music, Technology)

Personal bio (My Life, Stuology,Mental Health, Stand Up)

The Universe (Astronomy, Astro-Physics, Philosophy,)

UFO’s and Aliens (Scientific analysis, Theories, )

Stay Safe and Watch the Skies…Stu.

STUOLOGY:The Blog-Prologue.

Greetings to all on Planet Earth, from a tiny island called Great Britain.

I’m Stu Taylor, and I’m Head of Stuology at STU. H.Q.

STUOLOGY: The Blog is finally being launched on Saturday, after seven months of spinning plates with various projects and scratching my arse, from when I had the idea to start up a blog. I guarantee it won’t be like any other blogs you have read, which is kind of obvious but a fact (and a tad cliché ), as I have never wrote a blog ever on my ‘not so simple’ yet colourful life.

I hope this blog can become another outlet for my ideas, and help a little in my new career path after discovering a talent I’d never knew I had. The content will not be to the taste of a few, e.g those with an interest ‘in dry rivers’ perhaps…then it almost certainly won’t float your boat,  but otherwise check it out.

‘So…What is Stuology’, I hear you ask?  or is that the voice in my head!? and more importantly…. Am I mentally ill’?

Well..hmm.. Firstly, Stuology can’t be explained simply in a couple of words (maybe it can, but I’m trying to create an air of mystery!) but it will be in the next few blogs, when Stuology is stripped naked to reveal all.

Secondly, Whoever is questioning my mental state has rightly done so,  as I honestly have to admit Yes*  but I’m not a miserable wallower.It’s hard for people  too tell, as I keep smiling through life, don’t cry myself to sleep, and I am not a psychotic killer or pose any danger to society. I am a bit of oddball though, for goodness sake I’m  34yrs of age living in a house called STU HQ. However, I’ve had no breakdowns since my stint of sitting  in a bath of beans, dressed as Napoleon blowing a trumpet non-stop for two weeks.*On a serious note It is true suffer depression sadly, but I have found it to actually have a positive effect when writing.

Stuology isn’t a  religion or group , I’m not a Religous man  as I’m an aethiest for christ sake! If  it was a group in metaphorical sense, then it would have to be a predominately Atheist controlled Non-Prophet organisation. Perish the thought but If it were a group too, I’d have  to set up one of those pointless facebook groups, and put my hand in my pocket to splash out on fancy letter-headed stationary; not to mention health and safety implications of busy-bodies be poking their noses into STU HQ, but it would be impossible recruiting  idiots and oddballs to become Stuologists.

Admittedly, with the lacklustre attempts in trying to generating mystique, It does sound like a bat shit crazy ape bonkers cult or religion, full of brainwashed ‘wrong uns’  that have gone sidewards mentally, but it ain’t. I can see the comparison to those that thought otherwise, in cults with numbskull’s devoting their lives to supporting a ‘NutJob’ with all fancy ideas, and his source of answers are made up, from what an  inbred simpleton child, with a boss eye and the intelligence of a pickled onion would dream up.

Check out EXACTLY what’s going on later (it would have been published already, but I lost hours of work after my PC crashed, then I lost a a draft on here) as I hope to publish my very first blog of Stuology when its finished (Again!), that’s if anyone is out there let alone reading …and I’ll explain what the hell is going on. The main topics I will be writing  about will be explained then too. I’ve set a deadline of Saturday 13:00 2nd July 2011 (GMT +1 )  so that I am ready to publish the very first Stuology Blog (version 1.3) as I’ve got lots of ideas…so I’ll be blogging off to get it polished off,as if I were an alcoholic bum with a cheap bottle Ouzo.

Hope folk will read, or even be there ready for its launch, when I hope to get boosted by it taking off properly, without it nosedive straight into the ground like a dart. Stay tuned, for what will be …The Blogs Bollocks.