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The Astronomer and the Lost Scriptures of Stuology. (Part One)


Good Evening,  I am The Astronomer…

For the last eighteen months, I have been travelling over  876 Million miles through Space, hurtling at a velocity of 67 108 Mph on a quest to finally bring back ‘The Lost Scriptures of Stuology’. A  journey that has spanned a vast distance in an elliptical orbit around a single main sequence star, that is the heart of our Solar System.  I however, am fortunate safe in the knowledge that I did not even have to leave the comfort of my own Observation Post at STU H.Q, here on The Planet Earth to achieve such an amazing feat.

I have witnessed during my travels the beauty of  The Andromeda Galaxy, our closest Galactic neighbour that lies Approximately 2.5 Billion Light Years away, and The M81 Galaxy in Ursa Major (a.k.a. Big Dipper, or The Plough). I have also had the pleasure of being mesmerised by such galactic phenomenon such as The Crab Nebula in The Constellation of Taurus, The Ring Nebula in Lyra, in the constellation that is home to bright white star Vega that is 25.3 light years away, and now known to have exo-planets in its gravitational orbit. The greatest sight to behold any Astronomer, is surely the astounding elegance of the Planet Saturn with its glorious majestic rings system, it never fails to blow me away.

However, whilst seeing with my own eyes the light from distant  galaxies, with their photons traversing  millions if not billions of light years to finally settle in the retina of ‘my’ eyes is an astounding  realisation  not to mention, the most beautiful sights our very own Milky Way Spiral Galaxy has to offer. Mankind has developed to successfully be able to comprehend aswell as becoming, one of the vast array of components that makes up the very fabric of the Universe. The evolution of the Human Race, combined with the amount of knowledge we know about the Science and its Laws of Physics  that govern our entire reality, should make each and every man and woman that has ever walked the Earth,  extremely privileged to have been given the gift of life.  The intelligence formed through around 200000 years of evolution,  makes us the only life form we know so far, that can understand the world, yet ponder and comprehend  the basics of The Cosmos that we are part of, and makes me realise how wonderful it is to be alive at this time in History.

However, gazing with fascination at some of the furthest reaches of  the observable  Universe, staring  deep into the distant past, across many millions of Light Years, Dark Days have  managed to take a hold of me,  and will not relinquish its menacing tight grip. Immersed in its gloom that envelops me, its grasps me like a constant invisible cloud of deep, deep darkness… That is until the Astronomer’s long awaited return, to rightfully reclaim The Lost  Scriptures of Stuology, and banish his dark nemesis once and for all…Hopefully.

To Be Continued….

The Astronomer and The Lost Scriptures of Stuology. (Part Two) to follow and explain all…

Watch This Space..and more importantly the one that hangs above our heads in night sky.

In Memory of Sir Patrick Moore R.I.P


STUOLOGY:The Blog-Prologue.

Greetings to all on Planet Earth, from a tiny island called Great Britain.

I’m Stu Taylor, and I’m Head of Stuology at STU. H.Q.

STUOLOGY: The Blog is finally being launched on Saturday, after seven months of spinning plates with various projects and scratching my arse, from when I had the idea to start up a blog. I guarantee it won’t be like any other blogs you have read, which is kind of obvious but a fact (and a tad cliché ), as I have never wrote a blog ever on my ‘not so simple’ yet colourful life.

I hope this blog can become another outlet for my ideas, and help a little in my new career path after discovering a talent I’d never knew I had. The content will not be to the taste of a few, e.g those with an interest ‘in dry rivers’ perhaps…then it almost certainly won’t float your boat,  but otherwise check it out.

‘So…What is Stuology’, I hear you ask?  or is that the voice in my head!? and more importantly…. Am I mentally ill’?

Well..hmm.. Firstly, Stuology can’t be explained simply in a couple of words (maybe it can, but I’m trying to create an air of mystery!) but it will be in the next few blogs, when Stuology is stripped naked to reveal all.

Secondly, Whoever is questioning my mental state has rightly done so,  as I honestly have to admit Yes*  but I’m not a miserable wallower.It’s hard for people  too tell, as I keep smiling through life, don’t cry myself to sleep, and I am not a psychotic killer or pose any danger to society. I am a bit of oddball though, for goodness sake I’m  34yrs of age living in a house called STU HQ. However, I’ve had no breakdowns since my stint of sitting  in a bath of beans, dressed as Napoleon blowing a trumpet non-stop for two weeks.*On a serious note It is true suffer depression sadly, but I have found it to actually have a positive effect when writing.

Stuology isn’t a  religion or group , I’m not a Religous man  as I’m an aethiest for christ sake! If  it was a group in metaphorical sense, then it would have to be a predominately Atheist controlled Non-Prophet organisation. Perish the thought but If it were a group too, I’d have  to set up one of those pointless facebook groups, and put my hand in my pocket to splash out on fancy letter-headed stationary; not to mention health and safety implications of busy-bodies be poking their noses into STU HQ, but it would be impossible recruiting  idiots and oddballs to become Stuologists.

Admittedly, with the lacklustre attempts in trying to generating mystique, It does sound like a bat shit crazy ape bonkers cult or religion, full of brainwashed ‘wrong uns’  that have gone sidewards mentally, but it ain’t. I can see the comparison to those that thought otherwise, in cults with numbskull’s devoting their lives to supporting a ‘NutJob’ with all fancy ideas, and his source of answers are made up, from what an  inbred simpleton child, with a boss eye and the intelligence of a pickled onion would dream up.

Check out EXACTLY what’s going on later (it would have been published already, but I lost hours of work after my PC crashed, then I lost a a draft on here) as I hope to publish my very first blog of Stuology when its finished (Again!), that’s if anyone is out there let alone reading …and I’ll explain what the hell is going on. The main topics I will be writing  about will be explained then too. I’ve set a deadline of Saturday 13:00 2nd July 2011 (GMT +1 )  so that I am ready to publish the very first Stuology Blog (version 1.3) as I’ve got lots of ideas…so I’ll be blogging off to get it polished off,as if I were an alcoholic bum with a cheap bottle Ouzo.

Hope folk will read, or even be there ready for its launch, when I hope to get boosted by it taking off properly, without it nosedive straight into the ground like a dart. Stay tuned, for what will be …The Blogs Bollocks.